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Edisen, the unskippable content company, is an independent, global specialist in production and marketing communications.

Launched in October 2021, Edisen’s lineage is that of a creative company and a tech company, born from two founders: Chimney and One Vigor.

Chimney was founded in 1996 in Stockholm by computer geek Henric Larsson as one of the first post-production companies in northern Europe. As it grew, Chimney expanded its offering to include other creative and production services, soon becoming the go-to for the world’s most recognized brands and production companies. And in time, receiving recognition from the Academy (Oscars), BAFTA, Cannes Lions, Palme d’Or, Sundance and Berlinale, to name a few.

One Vigor began in 2002 in San Diego by Magnus Sorlander as a content and media management specialist, developing products for digital ad insertion and content distribution for broadcasters and media agencies.

In 2016, Henric and Magnus met and began discussing the possibilities of creating a tech platform to service one of Chimney’s largest clients, effectively joining of two ends of the same industry.

Realizing their vision would help clients everywhere, in January 2020 they merged to become the Chimney Vigor Group, completing an intent to offer clients end-to-end marketing services, from creative concept right through to distribution.

Taking that vision a step further, in the summer of 2021, CVG acquired Tonik+, a company that had developed a machine learning software that remixes video creative to optimise engagement, live in-market.

Recognizing its new range of capabilities, as well as its expanding remit, it decided to rebrand, marking this monumental new beginning.

Enter Edisen.

Crucial to this new offering is the development of its proprietary tech platform, where creativity and tech combine.

Edisen is powered by over 400 passionate creative people in 13 offices worldwide. Working together across the globe to create unskippable content for clients including Ikea, H&M, Dyson, Absolut, Apple, Shutterstock, Netflix, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios.

We create content that can’t be ignored. Content produced by best-in-class teams of production specialists. Content that can be managed from inception to delivery through our worldwide collaboration platform. Content that can be optimized, adjusted and improved in-market through cutting-edge AI.

Content that we like to call ‘unskippable’.

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