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Creativity + Tech = More & Better Content.
Collaborate your way.

Edisen gives you unparalleled control of your content while producing more for the same budget. All on a global scale.

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One Centralized Platform for all your marketing

Edisen is the user friendly, all-in-one creative marketing platform that empowers your organization to make your large-scale marketing and communications easy – and budget-friendly. 

Finally get all the features, tools and functions you really need on one powerful platform.

Within one centralized location, you receive, approve, order, store, manage, share and distribute your content from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. The result? More and better content.

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Big Video

Finally, a cloud system that handles BIG video.

High quality, professional-grade content can be a heavy lift for most platforms, let alone cloud systems. Edisen is built by experts in the video production and content distribution industries who understand the challenges that content managers face daily.

That’s why Edisen makes it easy to access large files across highly distributed teams.

Collaboration Inside & Out

Communicating with your team, markets and suppliers is key.

We know project requirements change rapidly, so we’ve designed Edisen to allow you and your team to take faster decisions. Our unique integrated Comments, Tasks and Approval tools mean you get more streamlined and efficient collaboration on every project.

Simply communicate with colleagues and external partners from one centralized hub to keep all project stakeholders on the same page throughout the whole production process. Produce more and better content – and get to market faster. 

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The platform that empowers you

Managing content is just the foundation.

Brands need vast amounts of quality content at mass scale. Edisen offers never before seen solutions allowing you to produce massive volumes of content in both an efficient and automized way.

Edisen will simply deliver upon that need.

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