Welcome to Edisen

The Unskippable Content Company

We make amazing content in all its forms. Pop culture content that’s impossible to ignore. Marketing content you can manage through our worldwide collaboration platform.
That you can optimize and adjust. In market.

Welcome to Unskippable Content.

Welcome to Edisen.

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The smartest way you will ever create anything

Edisen is an evolution in entertainment & marketing services.

A production company with creative & digital agency capabilities.

A MarComms agency with a heritage in Hollywood and popular entertainment.

A tech company with a human touch.

We have a unique approach, born of these three core areas of business. So, whether you’re a Hollywood studio or a leading world brand, Edisen can help you…

An independent content company, with global power.

13 offices in 9 countries. 400+ passionate creative professionals. Underpinned by a platform that extends our reach and scale. All with one goal: creating content audiences just won’t want to skip. We call it – yep, you got it – unskippable content.

Key brands to highlight - a select few

Key brands to highlight - a select few

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