Young Wallander

How to make a new drama top Netflix lists

Project Summary

The beloved crime series gets new legs in this take on the taciturn cop Wallander’s younger years and the challenges that would shape him into the brilliant detective so many have followed and cherished for the last 20 years.

Yellowbird and Netflix unite in telling the origin story of the hugely popular Swedish detective Kurt Wallander – and our Swedish post-production team was thrilled to help bring it alive!

Edisen was brought in to work on all aspects of post-production, including editing, sound, grade, VFX and delivery.

The Campaign

Chimney contributed with editing, sound, grade, VFX and deliverables.


How we made it Unskippable

During its first week, Young Wallander ranked in Netflix’s Top Ten list in USA, UK, GERMANY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, NORWAY, FINLAND, NETHERLANDS AND SWITZERLAND.

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