Wear a Mask NY – PSA

How can we get people to pay attention to a life-saving message?

Project Summary

Wearing a mask proved to be an important way to stem the spread of coronavirus, yet many New Yorkers took a while to do it. This was especially true of the younger people, who may have felt invincible to it.

Edisen were commissioned by Ogilvy Health to create a film to help promote COVID-19 safety amidst the city’s reopening.

How we made it Unskippable

So, how to get New Yorkers to pay attention to this life-saving message? Tap into pop culture and entertain them. Don’t preach. Don’t fear monger. Do the opposite. Make them smile, engage and share with their peers.

The campaign received stacks of press coverage, being featured on the Today Show, in the New York Post, Nerdist and even the Miami Herald, among others.

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