My father Marianne

How we helped complete Sweden’s film of the year


Project Summary

Rolf Lassgard portrays the life of a transgenger woman in Marten Klingberg’s heartfelt dramedy.

Edisen provided complete post-production services, from editing to final delivery.

Film Synopsis

After breaking up with her boyfriend, 28-year-old Hanna returns to her hometown for a temporary position at the local news station. Her world is soon turned even more upside down when her beloved father, the local priest with the big beard, reveals that his greatest desire is to be Marianne. From this point on there is no going back for father Marianne, who insists on being her true self. It’s a tumultuous journey for Hanna, who didn’t know herself or her father as well as she thought she did.

How we made it Unskippable

Voted Sweden’s film of the year 2020!

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