Amirah Tajdin: Navigating as a Female Director

Edisen APAC Head Producer Jasmyn Asvat speaks to top industry experts in our new series, “Production Line”

WATCH Jasmyn’s exclusive interview with Kenyan director Amirah Tajdin.

Amirah is a Sundance Institute fellow and the first Kenyan director to be selected for both the Screenwriters Labs (Utah, 2017) and Director’s Lab (Utah, 2018) for her feature film currently in development.

Read more about Amirah.

posted 3rd September

Production Line is a casual chat with production crew, producers and directors around the world to discover how they are managing these trying times. They share expert advice, inspire and give insight on new ways to work, or sometimes just chat about an interesting job they have done.


Jasmyn was born and raised in South Africa and this is evident in her storytelling and interaction with her subject – honest, intimate and authentic.

She has worked for 20 years with multinational brands, NGOs and broadcasters and has reported on complex issues, translating them into compelling content globally.


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