Why 2018 Was a Breakthrough Year For Video Marketing

If you scrolled on Facebook or passed any time on Instagram during the year 2018, you were first-hand witness to a rapid trend in marketing: the video. Ironically, this trend is not really new since television has long been the media king. But as the internet and our favorite apps move to become more like television, the video marketing creative has skyrocketed with popularity in 2018 to capitalize from that transition. From an engagement, budget, and branding perspective, videos just make sense.

The facts on video in advertising are staggering and all signs point to more videos, which helps the consumer point to yes. Interestingly, the addition of video to your marketing model could lead to revenue growth of up to 49% Even emails have seen the benefits of using videos with a 96% first email click through rate (CTR) increase on the first email alone.

A few other factors contributed to the boom in this marketing trend. As a marketer or even an entrepreneur, it is important to know why video is so critical and how you can use it to our advantage. Here are four ways your team can collaborate and benefit from using video marketing.

Social Media And “Video First”
Social media outlets know they are replacing the old days of television entertainment, but they also know television worked well for a reason. Recently, social media giant, Facebook, integrated their “Video First” policy. The other major social media channels followed suit and now it is not only easier to find and consume videos online, but to broadcast and share them. Unlike posts with just content that are often suppressed, Facebook actually pushes videos to the consumer’s newsfeed. In a time where marketers have to follow “pay-to-play” rules with almost every post, getting any extra push to reaching your leadbase is worth trying out.

Paid Videos & Advertisements
Speaking of “pay-to-play,’ it is important to discuss the impact of videos in paid advertisements and promotions. First, 46% of users will watch a video, then immediately make a buying decision. If the user happens to really enjoy the ad video, they are 97% more likely to buy right then and there. In addition to pushing your own videos, teaming up with an influencer in your industry can also bring in significant results. Typically, influencers are heavy video posters, and their reach and engagement while discussing your product can be quite the boost to your marketing efforts.

Brand Authenticity & Engagement
Whether you are a solopreneur who is recording a video with your cell phone or a top-earning brand with a large enough budget to hire a video production company, your videos should give consumers an indication of your brand culture. With today’s interconnected social market, consumers who feel the brands they use resonate within their own ideals, lifestyle, or goals are significantly more likely to opt in as a customer.

Personal videos that speak to and show you understand your customers builds confidence in your brand and helps you stand out from the crowd as an authentic force to be reckoned with. In a way, the videos can help humanize your brand which helps your leadbase feel a lot more comfortable doing business.

Low Cost, High Return

When it comes to using videos in your marketing plan, 2018 showed that you can be comfortable with your budget and happy with your results at the same time. Videos do not have to break the bank and do not require a large amount of money to be considered a successful marketing creative. Many high yielding videos are simply an individual using their mobile phone in selfie mode to share a message. Unless you are hoping to debut your video during the Super Bowl, a large investment to get started recording is just not needed.

Keeping It All Together
As you begin building and creating your own video content library, keeping it all organized can quickly become overwhelming. To get the most out of your video recording efforts, make sure you have a viable digital asset management (DAM) system in place that can give you easy access to repurpose, collaborate, and innovate.

Videos in marketing are here to stay. With the internet taking over the title of “Media King” from television, the addition of video in your marketing will be taking over too - if it hasn’t already. If you are looking for a low cost, yet incredibly effective marketing tool that is favored by social media outlets and consumers alike, video marketing is for you.

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