EVI - Asset Optimization

In a climate where brands want more content for less with higher engagement, Edisen can answer the call. Edisen Video Intelligence (EVI) is the industry’s first machine learning video software that unlocks audiences and intelligently remixes creative based on audience consumption patterns and formatted for use across all social channels. So, how does it work? Machine learning tools break your video into topics and scenes, allowing us to understand what is happening at every point. We mesh that with performance, demographic, and retention data to understand what works, topic by topic, second by second, audience by audience. With our comprehensive reporting and recommendations, EVI then edits and exports videos, which can be published on any and all platforms, while in-market. Edisen remixed ads are proven to lift view-through rates by 30-50%, with an average of 30% savings against paid advertising, making it the smartest, most cost-efficient way to scale a brand’s social content and resonance.