OneVigor to Showcase Edisen as Conference Sponsor at Henry Stewart DAM San Diego

Team will present Edisen DAM solution at TechLab session and participate in panel for over 300 attendees

November 13, 2018  – San Diego, CA – OneVigor is pleased to showcase Edisen, a creative management solution for digital asset management and marketing workflows, as a sponsor at the Henry Stewart DAM San Diego conference. Held at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton, Nov 15-16, this is the West Coast's leading conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management. DAM SD provides attendees the opportunity to experience real world case studies, interactive panels, workshops, and the newest developments in the world of DAM. For DAM users, Edisen represents a centralized way to collect, store and manage higher volumes of media, including large video files, images, and office documents. With Edisen, brands can also manage their creative workflows more efficiently to get global campaigns to market faster.

Edisen will participate in two events:  a TechLab session and as a panelist during a Video Workflows session.  The first will be on Thursday, November 15 at 4:00pm where Edisen will present “Seize the DAM: How DAMs Can Simplify Lives for Better, Faster Work.” During this TechLab session, Edisen will share tips, tricks and real-life use cases that show how to leverage DAMs and smart creative management tools for collecting, creating and connecting content.  Users will learn how to collect content in a way that makes it easier to find across organizations, customize and manage the creation of content across teams, offices and markets, and connect that content to a broad range of audiences and partners.

In addition, on Friday, November 16 at 9:40am, Ryan Bettencourt, Head of Product, will participate as a panelist in “Video Workflows: Why are they so hard to manage?” This session examines how media and creative workflow solutions can be architected, implemented and integrated to support the entire content lifecycle including concept planning, content acquisitions, creation, scheduling, localization, transcoding, and delivery.

“We are proud to participate as a thought leader in this DAM and creative operations conference,” says Shayna Smith, COO. “Companies are creating more and more content for distribution to a growing list of channels and it’s just becoming difficult to manage. Edisen was developed to streamline those creative workflows and help brands do better work without sacrificing quality and speed.  We are excited to discuss these marketplace challenges in person, as a community.”

The Edisen team will be available for demos during Henry Stewart DAM SD. Please contact info@edisen.com to schedule time or connect with any questions.

About Edisen
For over 15 years, OneVigor has developed industry-leading content distribution and media management solutions for the world’s biggest brands. By extending OneVigor’s technology to the world of brand marketing and creative management operations, Edisen is the smart way to handle marketing workflows and digital asset management challenges. The Edisen solution is a robust platform for collaboration and distribution, guaranteeing industry-proven security for global brands’ content and media. With companies creating and organizing larger volumes of content and distributing that content to a rapidly growing list of outlets, Edisen enables companies to streamline global branding workflows and save significant time and money.  The addition of Edisen to OneVigor’s portfolio of products represents a true one-stop solution for the media industry. For more information, visit www.edisen.com and www.onevigor.tv.

Edisen, LLC, Empowers Global Brands with Release of Progressive Marketing Platform

Marketing professionals are enabled to streamline branding workflows, allowing them to save significant time and money

June 25, 2018  – San Diego, CA – Edisen, LLC, a software-as-a-service solution to create, share, and optimize marketing content and campaigns, is pleased to announce the release of its progressive platform for global brands. The Edisen platform is user-friendly technology that empowers marketing professionals to transform their business challenges into compelling brand stories. With marketing teams and creative groups being asked to create, store and share growing volumes of content to rapidly expanding channels of distribution, Edisen is a timely solution for marketing challenges around the world. Before Edisen, companies were forced to manage their content across a wide range of online storage systems that offered very little additional features to leverage that content.  Edisen gives users not only a better way to store and share media, but also offers tools to collaborate around the creation and distribution of that content. Brands are enabled to connect and collaborate with their teams across multiple locations without sacrificing creativity and speed.

As a sister brand to OneVigor®, Edisen users have peace of mind that their media is expertly handled by the same technology that powers OneVigor PitchBlue, the content distribution industry standard for major television stations/groups. This secure technology is trusted and deployed by over 1700 television stations currently distributing billions of dollars of content.  In addition to the creators of PitchBlue, the Edisen team is comprised of media executives from some of the world’s major global brands experienced in solving today’s pressing marketing challenges. The team will work to expand the Edisen footprint in every major international market by partnering with global content partners that drive value for marketing professionals. With a 360-degree view of customers’ workflows and business goals, Edisen is focused on using real customer use cases and creating advanced features that will result in more innovative marketing campaigns and brand stories.

With the launch of Edisen, the marketing community can now:

“Media management is currently a huge challenge to customers,” says Magnus Sorlander, CEO of Edisen. “We know that companies are shepherding media worth billions of dollars through many unconnected systems. One tool to share videos, another to send images, or rely on YouTube to store content. With Edisen, marketing professionals can now focus on their brands and not worry about all the tools they need to use. Companies have stories to share and Edisen will enable that.”

About Edisen, LLC
Edisen, LLC is a privately owned, media technology company led by a group of experienced media and marketing executives from leading global brands. Powered by OneVigor PitchBlue technology®, the TV broadcast industry’s largest syndication distribution platform, Edisen brings its users robust tools for collaboration and distribution and industry-leading safety and security of content and media. With companies tasked with creating larger volumes of content, keeping that content organized, and distributing that content to a rapidly growing list of outlets, Edisen enables companies to streamline global branding workflows, allowing them to save significant time and money.  For more information, visit www.edisen.com.