Marketing Team Resolutions You Need to Make in 2019

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right” - Unknown

While everyone else may be thinking about their upcoming New Year’s resolutions, marketers are setting up their next year’s marketing objectives. To set up your marketing department for success in 2019, there are three simple resolutions your team can adopt. Focusing on one of these resolutions could overhaul your marketing ROI.


The first of three possible marketing resolutions for you to adopt in 2019 can be found in how you leverage the content itself. A strong marketing department is not necessarily a content factory, chipping out new ideas day after day. Most likely that department is strong because they spend time completely developing their content, leveraging as much of the resources they have as possible before creating something entirely new.

Making the resolution to optimize your content will force you and your team to become more creative, resourceful, and can help your brand reach new audience bases that you may have previously left untapped. Make the choice to start small by transcribing a blog article into a video or a podcast and almost instantly reach an entirely new audience without having to “think” of something new.


When it comes to tracking marketing investment returns, the next new year’s resolution is imperative: measuring and tracking marketing data. Generally, the glamour in marketing is found in the copywriting, the design, or even the idea for the next promotion. However, the real marketing value can be found with those who collect and evaluate the data. Tracking marketing data can seem like a daunting task but having one place to track and store that data really helps. In fact, capturing that data and letting it become the driving force behind your marketing efforts can even boost ROI up to 8 fold.

Tracking, recording, saving, and sharing your marketing data -  everything from website conversions to the performance of an individual ad - is a resolution not for the faint of heart. Data driven marketing is not the most glamourous of efforts but harnessing its power can bring about glamourous results. Set capturing and leveraging data as your 2019 marketing resolution and get ready to fine tune your craft to the finest degree.


Some say that collaboration is one of the most efficient ways to expand any creative effort, especially marketing. It is no surprise that the third new year’s marketing resolution you need to keep in 2019 is enhanced collaboration, either through your technology stack or offline collaboration efforts. Not only can bringing together the members of your team in one defined place assist with repurposing and leveraging all of your content, but it can help with obtaining and analyzing the collected data. Additionally, open lines of communication and collaboration allow staff members to have more confidence and personal investment in the overall efforts of their team.

Collaboration is easier than you may think. These days, team members who don’t even share the same physical office are tasked with and accomplish incredible marketing initiatives each and every day. A new year’s resolution centered around improved team collaborative efforts can be as simple as leaving feedback on a project and knowing it will actually be seen by all members involved. It doesn’t have to mean spending more time in meetings or being halted by “group think” delays. This resolution means each member of your team has the space, resources, and ability to be an open addition to the team by leveraging all your organization’s technology to support the change.

A new year is always the perfect time to plan for improvement  With careful planning, these resolutions will definitely help your team save time, save money, and position your campaigns for huge return on investment.

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