Harnessing a DAM for Effective Internal Communication

Harnessing a DAM for Effective Internal Communication

Communication in the workplace has always been essential, and the benefits of effective internal communication are overwhelmingly positive for all levels of the business. Strong internal communication impacts all aspects of the business including employee retention, productivity, and could even impact your frontline brand awareness. But besides email and instant message tools, where else can your organization leverage effective internal communication opportunities?

Unexpectedly, marketing technology has become a venue for open collaboration and communication.

For example: would you consider the place where you store your assets a place for open communication? A simple way to overcome communication barriers is to integrate the use of a digital asset management (DAM) system in your company. Whether it’s a webpage, a blog article, a company mission, a logo, or even a flyer, having all of those digital assets compiled together in one place can be the perfect resource to start opening up the communication process. If it’s for a collaborative project, repurposing old content, or even just ensuring all of the branding stays loyal to itself, sharing one location for these resources removes the inefficiency of trying to communicate about them in several different platforms.

This reduction of scattered communication naturally empowers the individual to dive in and strike while the idea iron is hot compared to when or if they locate an older piece of content. This is especially important for social media marketers who need to fire out content in a matter of hours versus a matter of days or weeks. A DAM would not only keep all of your digital resources in one easily accessible place, but your ability for team collaboration and discussion is centralized (i.e. everyone can comment there vs. sending an email with the asset and watching the email thread splinter into different conversations.)

For marketers in general, organized access to needed resources is important, but properly understanding why and how to use those assets is arguably much more significant. Consider the old carpentry adage: “measure twice, cut once” and apply it to your team’s ability to perform well. By knowing everyone in your group can easily access clear communication on objectives and goals for each project or campaign (i.e. “I’ve added the creative brief to the assets we’re discussing”), you are ensuring each staff member has what they need to do their job as efficiently as possible (i.e. “Thanks for letting me know we didn’t need two versions of that logo. I thought I saw an email that said otherwise.”).

Teams should always have easy access to a central feedback loop to report their roadblocks appropriately. This transparency is reassuring to the organization at every level and promotes ultimate efficiency in the workplace. Leveraging a digital asset management system allows your marketers a way to consistently stay transparent from the “measuring” stage to the “cutting” stage.

Do you think integrating a digital asset management (DAM) system in your company could help alleviate some of your own internal communication roadblocks? Leave a comment below to start the conversation.

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