Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment Commercials as entertainment. Feature films and documentaries as commercials. The lines are blurring between what were once diametrically opposed media. But today, it’s not just about product placement in movies, brands now have whole movie franchises. Similarly, in today’s ‘skippable’ era, the best commercials are the ones that cut through to entertain and engage their audience. This is where Edisen finds itself at home. With our 25-year legacy creating must-watch entertainment, we apply those core principles of engagement in our approach to create branded entertainment. If you’re a brand, and you want to develop your message, we can take your product’s USP and put it into a different setting and find a new audience. Talk to us about how we can tell your brand’s story through your content. Our creative team can create an unskippable solution for your content pipeline that doesn’t just sell your message, it gets your audience to watch it, to engage with it, to own it.