Content Marketing with a (Re)purpose

Content Marketing with a (Re)purpose

Does this sound familiar? You spend hours researching an idea for a new blog post. You spend time to write it and create the perfect graphic to accompany it. After hours and hours, you’re finally able to post it to your web site and all your social media channels.  But what happens next? Does it have its 15 seconds of fame and then fade away? Are those hours just a big waste?

Luckily, marketers are discovering the importance of repurposing the assets they’ve already created.

If you could reach more leads, provide greater brand recognition, and generate even more revenue by re-using the work you’ve already done, why wouldn’t you? It almost sounds too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is that repurposing content is absolutely possible and practiced by some of the most successful brands out there today.

There is no secret to repurposing content. Any organization or marketing team that stores, tracks and manages their digital assets has the ability to easily turn already made content resources into new lead generating power.  Repurposing content offers the opportunity to save not just time and money, but can even boost your overall marketing ROI.

Here are a few easy ways to leverage your already-made content:

Blog Articles

Formerly the meat and potatoes of any content marketing department, blogs have seen a shift in recent years. Your audience is presumably flooded with blog articles related to almost any topic out there today. However, that doesn’t mean your blog content needs to go to waste.

Getting creative with your copy means repurposing these blogs in new, fresh ways. For example, changing a blog article to a guide or even changing it into a script for a podcast will allow a potentially new audience to consume your content in a way that makes better sense for them. Blog articles can also be an excellent source of quotes or snippets to use on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Pull out the most interesting details from your blogs and use them to grab more attention. Well written blog articles are filled with excellent content and are a lucrative place to get started with your repurposing efforts.

Graphics & Designs

Your visual content can often be the most priceless of all of your assets. Not only can you repost images on social media, but they can be reused in email campaigns, blog articles, eBooks, presentation slides, and so much more. If your marketing team has design creatives that are piling up, don’t just let them sit dormant in a folder. To get the most return on your marketing investment, let those designs be seen again.

Video Content

Over the last year alone, videos in marketing have gained incredible popularity and with good reason. As the internet moves to become more like television, videos are more favored by essentially all social media and networking outlets, which means they are more likely to be seen in your lead’s newsfeed.

Not only can much of your content be transformed into video form, the videos themselves can be repurposed into new, individual creatives. First, impress your audience with the video, then repurpose that content into a guide, a white paper, an eBook, a podcast, or even re-sending the video itself as a replay.

Internal Data

While not your typical content marketing asset, if your marketing team is tracking measurable data from their efforts, you are able to glean more than just performance information. Using your own internal marketing data can be a strong tool to share and promote with your audience.

Not only will your audience benefit from the data you have collected and the insights your team took away from analyzing that information, but the inside peek at your organization is practically irresistible. Repurpose your internal data into blog articles, a case study, statistics for social media, infographics or more. You did the hard work of collecting the data, so you might as well use it and share that knowledge with your audience.


As a marketer, your ability to repurpose content and practically eliminate waste in the marketing room, should always be a goal. Not only does repurposing your content save your organization time, money, and resources, it allows your content to reach a new audience that may not have ever been possible before. Any business or marketing team that has a firm grasp on their already made content can easily begin repurposing and redistributing their ideas today.

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