Jake Loonan/
Edisen NY Executive Producer & Head of Business Development North America

Seemingly not a guy to do things by halves – he worked in his previous role for 10 years – Jake’s experience has been welcomed as a happy marriage, blending his rich production knowledge with Edisen’s global post-production expertise.

Q> It’s been 10 months since your big move to Edisen! What drew you from the production world to global post-production and full-service company?

Jake Loonan> Coming from a more traditional production company to a global full-service creation agency delivering features, TV commercials, digital content and B2B communications were something that excited me and Edisen has the talent to back it up across every channel. The industry is evolving and being able to offer end-to-end services as well as á la carte options will be increasingly necessary – I’m just stoked to be in a place that’s already able to do it so well.