Q> What first attracted you to editing?

Glenn Conte> I started in the business interning for Red Car NY in 1993; while there, I was able to learn from the best editors and artists in the business. When I had my first chance to sit in an edit room with clients and see how integral a creative editor was to the filmmaking process and see how the editor could elevate the creative – I was hooked for life. I came to Edisen earlier this year as the company was looking to expand its editorial division; it was an awesome opportunity to help grow the company’s offering.

Q> How would you describe your personal style of editing? 

Glenn> I try to bring a unique perspective to all my projects. I focus on composition and sound design to create pace and to heighten the storytelling. I’m always looking for interesting and alternative ways of telling a story!

Q> You joined Edisen in February; how have your first eight months been?

Glenn> We’ve had a very busy eight months working on a variety of creative projects. This spring, I edited a project for Disney’s NBA Experience that tapped all of our creative strengths – I was able to push the creative edit and create a high energy sound design to push the storytelling. The film was a great opportunity to work closely with our design team in developing a dynamic visual style.

Q> Outside of work, what’s inspiring you at the moment? 

Glenn> As a busy editor, I cherish my time with family and friends. As a creative person, I find connecting with family and life outside the office enhances my creativity. Whenever I can, I get to the movies, or to see live shows and listen to music – all to find creative inspiration.

Q> And what’s exciting you in the industry?

Glenn> Continuing to work with brands directly is exciting to me. It’s a chance to collaborate directly with brands and really become a creative partner. This has really become an area where Edisen can showcase all its capabilities as a creative boutique. I’ve been seeing more and more brands pushing to tell better, more inspiring stories, and to make a real emotional connection with audiences. With Edisen’s collaborative work environment, we can help brands create the best creative possible.

Q> What’s been a standout piece of edit work that’s caught your eye recently?

Glenn> I really admire the editing in the Nordstrom “An Open Mind is the Best Look” brand film. It’s well-paced and the editor really used shot composition, dialogue, and sound design to tell a unique and inspiring story.

Q> What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Glenn> The best advice I’ve received through the years has been to always be part of the solution for your clients. They need and rely on you to constantly be pushing their ideas to a higher level and solving problems as the project evolves. A good editor can be a major asset in making a film a success.

Q>  What are you most looking forward to achieving as Edisen’s Head of Editorial?

Glenn> My goal, as always, is to continue expanding our creative post-production division and add the best and brightest talent to our roster whilst leading and inspiring new talent. I really enjoy connecting with creatives on the agency side and continuing to build relationships there too. I believe Edisen’s boutique sensibility allows for the team to be focused on creative which is what we are all about.