Henric Larsson, who founded Edisen twenty-three years ago, is more than still active in the company. He is everyone’s go-to guy regarding everything from client projects to the latest marketing and film trends. When he is not traveling the world, visiting all different Edisen locations, you will find Henric sitting at the front desk at the headquarters in Stockholm opening the door for visitors.

From stockbroking to MTV

Rarely have we seen Henric say yes to interview requests – he always wants to highlight the clients or the employees instead of himself. But since we are true Henric fans, we cannot wait to share this Little Black Book interview with you where he talks about how he started his early journey towards building the global company Edisen is today. From skipping school at age thirteen to work at a stockbroking firm to then leaving the world of finance behind to work with people with disabilities. Later on, ending up doing the epic reality show Real World on MTV before founding Edisen in 1995.

Nothing had been done before so we couldn’t really learn from anybody. The Internet had not taken off and Google didn’t exist so it was impossible to research. Instead, it was trial and error and no sleep and learning ourselves.