3 Reasons a DAM Is a Content Marketing Goldmine

3 Reasons a DAM Is a Content Marketing Goldmine

10 years ago, content marketing was buried gold. Today, we’re experiencing a gold rush of content marketing assets. While the explosion of content marketing is a benefit for consumers doing research, the real challenge for marketers is not creating it, but how to manage and access it later.

Ultimately, the success of your content marketing goldmine can be impacted by your ability to create, organize, and distribute your ideas.

A Digital Asset Management System (DAM) helps you organize and track all of your photos, videos, campaigns and more. But best of all, it brings your brand to a whole new world of marketing agility. You can save time while you streamline your workflows and even foster a profitable environment of collaboration and creativity. Content marketing needs will continue to rise year after year, so brands can no longer ignore exploring a DAM system.

Top 3 Reasons For a DAM System:

1 - Agility - An agile marketing department is just as important to your brand as an agile development team. Leveraging a DAM system allows all of your digital resources to be housed in one, centralized location. Staff can search and easily locate resources with just a few keystrokes. Ideas are no longer lost while searching through folder after folder on your computer.

If your business has been distributing content for a long period of time, a DAM system can be especially helpful to avoid completely redoing work all together. An agile marketing team not only saves an incredible amount of time, but consistently and easily stays ahead of the competitive curve.

2 - Cost Savings - With saving time and increased agility comes the benefits of efficiency and most importantly, saving money. The money saving benefits of integrating a DAM system are actually huge. Imagine you have a marketing team of three people, individually making around $50,000 a year. If they each spend an hour a day looking for content, your company is wasting $18,750 each year.  That cost only increases when a marketing team spends time recreating something they couldn’t find.

If saving money is not a solid enough benefit from leveraging a digital asset management system, how about a boost to your ROI? If you can save $20K in lost time alone, just imagine the revenue you can pull in instead. Instead of digging through clutter, your team can be creating promotions, tracking data, or even researching new ways to engage your lead base. All of those actions lead to more return on your marketing investments.

3 - Improved Team Creativity & Collaboration - Without the stress of searching for (and often not locating) digital resources, conditions are already improving for the creative thinking process. With a centralized location and the ability to streamline all of those curated content gold and ideas, the team can easily work together to collaborate, expand on older content, and add to the new collection for future use.

A Marketing Safety Net

Your brand’s marketing should always strive for creativity, and with a strong digital asset management system in place, your team will have a safety net to eliminate distractions, stress, and wasted time while the creative process flows and your marketing thrives.

Just like the gold rush of the 1800’s, content marketing “prospectors” today must be resilient in order to succeed. Finding the right DAM system helps your business become more creative while saving money at the same time. Whether it is increasing your marketing agility, streamlining your workflows, saving money, or just fostering creative collaboration with your team, a Digital Asset Management system can be an absolute goldmine for your brand and your business.


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